Only the Very Best in Train Horns

If you haven’t been over to then I highly recommend that you do so. I can only imagine that you’re reading this blog because of your love and passion for trains, right? Well, if so then you’re certainly in the right place! I have been looking up and down for a great site to buy train horns from to add some to my collection and without a doubt Train Horns Unlimited is exactly the kind of provider that services customers with a high brand of quality and offering only the very best in train horn kits and parts.

I had actually bought a Kleinn Demon Horn – the biggest and the baddest of train horns – but someone had actually stolen the valves off of it one night. Well, I’ve tried all kinds of different valves since then but not a single one of them fit just the right way that this precision instrument demanded. It was a serious bummer to have something this expensive just sitting in my truck not being able to get used in the appropriate way (honking at people to scare them, of course) so I was kind of depressed for a couple of weeks trying to find the right replacement valve.

Luckily, Train Horns Unlimited has everything that you need. I was shocked that they sold just the valves for their horns (they even have the Kleinn Demon Horn) as finding any provider to sell just a part is almost impossible. Usually you have to buy a whole new kit or package which is absurd. I got in contact with Nathan over at Train Horns Unlimited and he was more than happy to hook me up with exactly what I had been looking for and even scored me a really great discount on future orders.

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