Who Comes Up with the Names?

Car Insurance @ www.gocompare.com - Browse Young Driver Car Insurance ...My twelve year old daughter was on a web site and asked me who comes up with the names for the sites. I thought it was a great question. I decide to go online and see if I could find an answer to this question. I decided that I was going to look at one of the major domain centers to see if I could come up with one of my own domains to see if this was the fact. People have tried silly things, I saw the results but something like http://cheapinsuranceauto.net was very clever and the person that came up with the name for that web site was very smart. You could actually see the other people who wanted to try to copy that same name. The point is, when you look at that domain you actually know what it is. You can see that you can go to that site for a cheap insurance quote. I would also think that I would be able to go there for a policy if I wanted to get a new one.

I was not happy with my current insurance plan so that I thought that I would go to that domain name that was a successful example on the domain finder. I found out in my search that people can go to one of many central domain centers and they can try to see if the domain that they want to register is taken or not. If it is taken, they are able to get different suggestions from people who sign on to help others that may need it. I ended up going to that site and saving a lot of money on my auto insurance, I was very happy with this and glad that I was very successful using it.

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